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Industrial Property Rights

Patents, utility models, trademarks and registered designs are registered property rights for protecting intellectual property.

They are granted or registered by the patent office after a registration process has been successfully completed. The maximum duration of protection is generally 20 years for patents, 10 years for utility models and 25 years for designs. The registration of a trademark can be extended arbitrarily frequently by 10 years in each case.

Other less significant registered property rights for the legal protection of industrial property rights are protected geographical information and designations of origin, the semiconductor protection certificate and the protection of plant varieties.

A distinction should be made between the registered property rights and copyright which is formed “by itself”. “Unique intellectual creations” in the field of literature (which also includes computer programs), musical art, visual arts and film arts are protected. Regardless of the “uniqueness”, protection of work exists in particular for photographs, databases, presentations and performances etc. Patent attorneys are not authorised to advise and represent in the field of copyright.


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