"We protect your intellectual property"


In our capacity as patent attorneys, we can advise and represent you in all areas of patent, trademark, design and utility model protection. We can offer you our services equally nationally and internationally and have a well tried network of correspondent law firms worldwide.

Our core competences lie in particular in

  • advising how you can protect your intellectual property
  • preparing and filing property rights applications
  • carrying out the application process as far as granting and monitoring and accompanying  your granted property rights throughout the entire term
  • defending your property rights in opposition, annulment and cancellation proceedings
  • enforcing your property rights in the event of an infringement by third parties
  • contesting foreign property rights by means of opposition, annulment and cancellation proceedings
  • advising and representing in questions of infringement in foreign property rights and in infringement actions of third parties
  • conducting searches
  • advising and representing in questions of employee invention law
  • advising in licensor and licensee matters and preparing licence agreements

Hofmann & Fechner
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